"' Bring My Mind Into the Digital World "


Hi, I’m Sunny Xue, a React/ React Native developer mainly focuses on frontend. With hands-on project experience developing mobile/web apps and skills in JavaScript ES6, TypeScript and Node.js. Driven by curiosity, keeps learning new technology and seeks opportunities to grow and contribute.

As a developer, creating mobile apps/websites is an interesting process, because it seems like I have the ability to bring my mind into the digital world.

Here is my working process. After determining the central topic and the main goal of the site, I can brainstorm what the site may look like and build lots of blueprint in my head. With the designing software, wireframe and mockup are created to show the idea in my mind. The third step is to use the code to transfer the design to a real website which is the most wonderful step I really enjoyed. After testing and bug fixing, I am proud that the website can finally launch which everyone can see it and use it.